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Protein Mass Calibration Standards

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Name Source Average Mass [M+H]+ Sigma Swiss-Prot Reference
Cytochrome c Tuna 12043.6 C2011 CYC_KATPE
Cytochrome c Bovine 12232.0 C3131 CYC_BOVIN
Cytochrome c Equine 12361.2 C7752 CYC_HORSE
Ribonuclease A Bovine 13683.4 R5500 RNP_BOVIN
α-Lactalbumin Human 14071.1 L7269 LCA_HUMAN
α-Lactalbumin Bovine 14179.1 L6010 LCA_BOVIN
Lysozyme c Chicken egg 14306.1 L6876 LYC_CHICK
Hemoglobin α Chain Human 15127.3 G5890 HBA_HUMAN
Hemoglobin  β Chain Human 15868.7 G5890 HBB_HUMAN
Apomyoglobin Equine 16952.5 A8673 MYG_HORSE
β-Lactoglobulin B Bovine 18278.2 L8005 LACB_BOVIN
β-Lactoglobulin A Bovine 18364.3 L7880 LACB_BOVIN
Trypsin Inhibitor, α Chain Soybean 20037.6 T9003 ITRB_SOYBN
Trypsin Inhibitor, β Chain Soybean 20091.7 T9003 ITRA_SOYBN
Trypsin Inhibitor, χ Chain Soybean 20163.8 T9003 ITRA_SOYBN
Protein G Recombinant 21600.0 P5170
Growth Hormone Human 22126.2 S4776 SOMA_HUMAN
Trypsinogen Bovine 23982.0 T1143 TRYP_BOVIN
Chymotrypsinogen A Bovine 25657.1 C4879 CTRA_BOVIN
Aldolase Rabbit 39204.7 A7145 ALFA_RABIT
Pepsinogen Porcine 39607.9 P4656 PEPA_PIG
Alcohol Dehydrogenase, S Equine 39712.4 A6128 ADHS_HORSE
Alcohol Dehydrogenase, E Equine 39833.4 A6128 ADHE_HORSE
Ovalbumin Chicken 44401.0 A2512 OVAL_CHICK
Protein A Recombinant 44653.0
Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase Yeast 57433.5 G4134 G6PD_YEAST
Albumin Bovine 66431.0 A0281 ALBU_BOVIN
Albumin Human 66439.2 A3782 ALBU_HUMAN
Urease Jack Bean 90762.9 U0376 UREA_CANEN
Phosphorylase B Rabbit 97219.5 P6635 PHS2_RABIT
Albumin dimer Bovine 132859.0 A9039 ALBU_BOVIN