Advancing Patient Care Through Research
Washington University School of Medicine

Midwest Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group Speakers 2008

January 15
Steven Yan, Oregon State University
RXR-Ligand Interaction Analysis by Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange and Mass Spectrometry

January 24
Michael Przybylski, University of Konstanz
1. New Molecular Approaches for Immunotherapy and Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease
2. High Resolution FTICR Mass Spectrometry: New Developments and Applications to Non-genome Proteomics and Vaccine Immunotherapy

February 5
Fong Fu Hsu, Washington University
Old idea new application: Complete Structural Characterization of Glycerophospholipids by Multiple-stage Linear Ion-trap Mass Spectrometry with Electrospray Ionization

February 19
Kwasi Mawanuega, Washington University
Application of Proteomics in the Metabolic Study of Proteins Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

February 25
Michael Boyne, University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign
High resolution mass analysis of the human nucleus

March 10
Cheryl Lichti, Arkansas Department of Health
Phase II metabolism of warfarin: From basic research to potential clinical applications

March 11
Julia Gross, Washington University
New insights into HMW1 adhesin glycosylation

March 18
Justin Sperry, Washington University
Not too hot. Not too cold. Hydrogen exchange at amide sites is just right for studying protein-ligand interactions

April 8
Micah Wilcox, Washington University
Quadruplex DNA: Interactions with proteins and metal cations

April 30
Robert Blackledge, Naval Criminal Investigative Services (retired)
The Floyd Landis Sports Doping Case as Evaluated by a Forensic Analytical Chemist

May 6
Qiang Zhang, Washington University
Is It Easy Being Green? Estrogens as Antioxidants and Carcinogens

June 25
Post-ASMS Poster Session

September 30
Donald Elbert, Washington University
Quantitative mass spectrometry of proteins by SILT and SILTmass

October 21
Andrew Paoletti C2N Diagnostics
Mass Spectrometric Studies of the Mediator Complex

October 22
Mario Thevis, Sport University of Koln
Detection of prohibited compounds and methods of doping in sports drug testing

October 30
Joshua Adkins, Pacific Northwest National Laboratories
Utilization of label-free proteomics to elucidate the Salmonella virulence program

November 4
Morgan Giddings University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Mining post-translational modifications from mass spec data sets: There is much left to learn

December 4
Jeff Henderson, Washington University
Pumping iron: using mass spectrometry to study structure and function of iron-regulated secondary metabolites in uropathogenic E. Coli

December 10
Leslie Hicks, Donald Danforth Plant Sciences Center