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Common Post-Translational Modifications

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Name Site Modification Change in mass, Δm
N-terminal acetylation Terminal NH2- Replaced by CH3CONH- +42
N-terminal formylation Terminal NH2- Replaced by HCONH- +28
N-terminal myristylation Terminal NH2- Replaced by CH3(CH2)12CONH- +210
N-terminal palmitoylation Terminal NH2- Replaced by CH3(CH2)14CONH- +238
C-terminal amidation Terminal -COOH Replaced by -CONH2 -1
Disulfide bonds 2 Cys -SH Replaced by -S-S- -2
Glycosylation (N-linked) N-X-S/T
Glycosylation (O-linked) S/T
Sulfation -OH of Y Replaced by -OSO3H +80
Phosphorylation -OH of Y/S/T Replaced by -OPO3H2 +80
N-methylation -NH2 of K/R/H/Q Replaced by -NHCH3 +14
O-methylesterification -COOH of E/D Replaced by -COOCH3 +14
Carboxylation -NH2 of E/D Replaced by -NHOCH3 +30
Hydroxylation -NH2 of P/K/D Replaced by -NHOH +16